DBNode everytime i edit an entry

Good Day,

I’m having a problem when editing an entry and after saving it showing a DBNode alphanumeric i’m not sure why but when i check the Profile Info the info that i edit was correct

ok now i solved it the problem because i didn’t set the field when making changes…

my problem now is everytime i made an edits the 3 dropdown fields which is Place, Position and Name was removed

for example
i want to change the Place so i will edit it then save.
after saving it the Name and Position field was deleted.

any field that i want to edit will retain and those field that didn’t change was removed (ONLY Dropdowns) Inputs field was ok.

id check the workflow of save button but i didn’t add any Reset Inputs

You probably want to bind the inputs to the database, so that when you make a change it is automatically updated.

Hi jigsgfx.gj,

I also see DBNode in the database, can you explain what you mean by ‘i didn’t set the field when making changes…’

as I am trying to find out why DBNode is showing…

Update: Found that if I change the problem table’s primary key from referencing another table’s field to something unique in its own table, this doesn’t happen. I think the primary key has to be a unique field in the same table, and not in another table.