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Dead simple button with self confirmation

While building an app, two months ago, I encountered the situation where I wanted to make users to confirm when trying to delete a record. The first thing that comes to mind is a little yes/no popup with a message: “Are you sure?”. But the kind of data to delete was, to my opinion, not enough important to build a whole popup + workflows for that action. Plus, it forces the user to redirect his attention to the message and yes/no buttons.

So instead I built a little button that ask for a second click to confirm the deletion. The button appears normal, but when clicked, it changes its aspect to make it clear it is waiting for a second click. And if the button becomes “un-hovered”, it resets to the first state.

No, workflow/custom states/plugin needed!

I thought I wouldn’t be the only one in need for this, so here’s a link to an example:
Bubble editor
Bubble preview


Hi @julienallard1,

I will also add, I implanted an additional key that after 5 seconds, the button returns to its original level. I also like the Google approach, a black banner for 6 seconds giving the choice to ‘undo’ the situation. The kind of integration that could be an integral part of Bubble.

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And with additional options for Transitions, the workflows would be unnecessary.

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These add ons would require workflows.
But I like the idea of the undo time-out à la Google.


Excellent animation! Just what i needed. While im still new to Bubble, i cant figure out how to set the “isn’t hovered” workflow. I can’t find the group i need to hide in the elements dropdown. Help please! :pleading_face: