Dear Bubble, we have to talk about your lack of quality control

In the past 24 hours we have been dealing with:

  • Inability to click the dynamic values button and add dynamic values
  • Editing the element title is no longer possible via double clicking it in the editor
  • Inability to type to get to a datatype when searching for

I beg you, please slow down whatever updates you are making and actually QC before you push it to your community.


The sad part is 1) it has happened twice this month the other being editor crashes (still slower compared to previous one without ‘‘issue checker off’’. 2) I know they have been working hard for more than 10 years and I know their mission is profound however I think they are focusing on wrong stuff. Bubble has medium level page load speed, medium level render optimization and medium level SEO but very very useful and fast bubble editor, the editor is basically a good product ,but they focus on it I don’t get why


Yeah man, its like taking the best part and constantly making it worse. I don’t understand the point of having editor versions and beta features if the internal dev team can make changes so often to the current version.

Sure, have a beta version but gives us a stable one that is not messed with.


My bro, go to my profile check my first message it is about a month ago, I told them the exact thing, make changes but give us the option to reverse,yet we are here


Been like this for years. It is not going to change. What is Bubble incentive to put their resources into quality control when they are able to just rely on their Users to report the issues, as it likely saves a lot of money and time for Bubble this way. They know they have us locked in for the most part, so primarily they expect us to just grit and bear it.

BTW, I submitted an bug report regarding inability to click into static text as well as clicking on insert dynamic expression button.


I think Bubble tests editor changes in the production environment 🥲


They should introduce versioning for the Bubble editor as well. I don’t always want to have the latest — and potentially buggiest — release


So in other words, bubble is the abusive partner we just cant shake? lmao

To add to that list, the dropdown “Search for an element…” and the same one in the workflows, you can’t type in it. If you type really quickly right after clicking into you it you can manage to get one letter in there but that’s it.

@josh @emmanuel can we get some fixes for these asap? This is slowing down my productivity but shockingly, my monthly bubble fee stays the same.

I’ve made that analogy to myself so many times…I think they have just made the decision to just assume we are locked into the platform after spending the time to learn the system and building out businesses around it. They have hit a stride where they no longer need the community or ‘early adopters’ to be their best marketing agents. Now they can focus their attention where they want to, large enterprise clients.

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What gets me with this is bubble has experimental feature activation, past stable versions, and if you’ve ever built on a dedicated instance you know how much more stable dedicated is in the editor because you get to update the editor at your discretion.

I do try to give them the benefit of the doubt bc operating at their scale can’t be easy but it seems like a lot of bugs are caused by under developed additions, lack of QA, and overall carelessness rather than edge case bugs.

Personally I tried to use the new table element for the first time last week and it was so bugged I have no interest in touching it and the new expression builder got shut off near immediately bc it caused countless bugs.

All this to say, it’s not that they can’t fix it they have the base to fix it already, if they had structured processes, allowed for versioning of the editor similar to dedicated and stronger QA this wouldn’t happen.


It is true that we are stuck , however the main problem is not that , the main problem of bubble is the employees do not have similar skill level and they have lack of communication within teams, so one team increases SPA rendering speed , the other team tells you to not do SPA products ,one team makes bubble editor furiously fast with double editor, the visual team and bubble support tells you to not use double editor after breaking it and slowing it down. Emmanual’s and other top level guys vision is clear and I have read and listened to it ,however that communication doesn’t go deeper in to hierarchically low levels within company.


Haha it certainly feels that way sometimes