Debug_mode broken? 1000s of console messages?

Anyone else experiencing this in dev mode?

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@Bubble, Something seems to be wrong, an infinite loop of errors in Chrome.
I’m sending a bug report.

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@johnmark glad to know I’m not crazy.

What triggered me to look at it was the browser continuously navigating away from ?debug_mode

My smaller apps were running fine. I tried bulk-removing plugins as a troubleshooting step to clear these errors. Really leaning on that app restore feature, which I don’t love. Also, apparently you can’t disable subscribed plugins. You must unsubscribe?

@emmanuel @neerja is any news on the proposed communication improvements for main cluster status & maintenance?

@jon2 Our Support team is on it.

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I just started noticing this in the last hour. debug not loading whatsoever when previewing.

Same thing…

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