Debug mode inspector is broken

Anotha one

Screenshot from 2023-09-13 10-13-33

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i like to imagine the progressive zooming in these screenshots is purely for dramatic effect :laughing:

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It kind of is honestly :'D

I am no longer reporting bugs to the support page because it’s an arduous process that requires too much time. I am now reporting them here (because there are a lot of bugs popping out of nowhere) and if the support team doesn’t read them well, they won’t read them. But at least y’all will hear about it


Yep I agree, I just put bugs here for the record’s sake so the community can keep track of how much better/worse Bubble is getting.

I know this reply won’t be popular, and you folks can tear me up if you’d like, but for what it’s worth, you are not helping yourself by not reporting the bugs. Yes, I know a bunch of folks are frustrated with support, so you have taken to noting that in the forum every time the opportunity presents itself. However, in the same time(ish) that it took you to write the forum post, you could have written a bug report, and at least you would have a chance that the bug would get fixed.

Anyway, you keep doing you, but again, these posts aren’t really doing you any favors unless it just makes you feel better to vent.

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Venting is self care Mike :slight_smile:

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Most of the time if I report a bug on the forum I just copy the forum link and then submit that forum link as the bug report to save the whole file upload shenanigans and save repeating myself twice. But I still think it’s important to disclose (non-security related) bugs publicly so that people can understand the state of the platform.

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