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Debug vs. Preview Workflows running differently

Hello all. Hoping someone else has come across this before, seems kind of weird.

In my app, I have workflow that shows/hides certain elements based on what the user does (i.e. adds a new product to a list). When the list is updated, I have an “Expand” and “Collapse” option that the user can click on to make the product list be visible or hidden.

What’s weird is that when I run this in preview mode, the Expand and Collapse fields overlap (as if the other wasn’t set to hidden). But when I run it and step through in Debug mode, everything works exactly the way I want it to.

Anyone ever run into this before? I thought the behaviour experienced in the preview/live mode would be the same as that in Debug mode.

When reporting things like that, you should provide a link for users to test and help. Right now it’s very theoretical.

See this

Understood. I’ll update the post with a link to my app and instructions on what I’m seeing happen.

To reproduce the issue, visit my app here:

  • Login with [email protected] and “password”

  • Under “Manage Accounts” click Expand All and click the “Manage Success” button under “BlackBerry”

  • Click on the Add Bundle button fill out the fields and click Save (you can simply close the “Products” window that pops up)

You’ll notice that under Bundles/Assets, that the Expand and Collapse are superimposed on top of eachother. This behaviour does not happen when you repeat the above steps in Debug mode though. Seeking to understand why.

Hi Emmanuel. Should application workflows run the same, whether in debug, preview or live modes? This is the essence of my question. If the answer is “yes, they should all run the same”, then I think I’ve run into a bug. Can you advise?

They should, but the database are different, so if you workflows use data, they won’t necessarily have the same behavior. For instance, [email protected] doesn’t exist in live.

Gotcha. Right, [email protected] is just for the dev/preview environment. This appears to be a bug then. The workflows run differently between debug vs. preview mode. Should I use the bug reporting site to submit this then?

Yep, there’s a bug form to submit. That’s the best way to get it on the team’s radar!

Did you use the debugger to look into the differences?

Yes I did. When run in Preview mode, Bubble appears to be skipping one of the Hide Element steps I have in my workflow. When I run step-by-step using the debugger, each step in the workflow is completed successfully. Meaning, they’re not running the same way.

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