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Debugger DOES NOT work

Hi, I use “STEP-BY-STEP” debugger.

I get ERROR even before the action is executed.
Even though I get error for the action X, action (X+1), action (X+2), … , action (X+N) are executed.

Anyone facing the same error?

I just had an issue with the debugger step by step mode that I have never encountered previously over the past 2+ years.

Apparently the step by step mode doesn’t actually work to pause server side actions, so any backend workflows or D.B. touching events in the workflow will still get triggered regardless of being in the step by step mode or not…at least that was the explanation I received 2 days ago as I was experiencing the ninth step in a workflow, which deleted items from the D.B. being executed even though I had not proceeded to the first step.

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What we have to do?

It worked yesterday for me. I use external API.

I’m not sure if this is the issue you’re facing, but actions don’t necessarily execute in sequence if a workflow contains a mix of client-side (browser) actions with back-end and/or API actions (despite what the UI suggests). The latter will execute asynchronously; so a downstream action can execute before an upstream action (unless the downstream action depends on the result of an upstream action).


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It seems that actions from API Connector are executed in the random way.
@Bubble , is it your bug?

@eve , can you take a look,

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