Debugger doesn't appear

I have two ways of accessing an order in my app. You can either log in and find the order which works fine or you can click on a link in an email (based on a SendGrid template) telling the user that the order was successful.

The second way (link from email) takes the user to the correct order but the DeBugger doesn’t display at the bottom of the screen which is frustrating because I need it.

Is there a way to resolve this? I’ve cleared my browser’s cache as suggested on another post relating to this but to no avail.

Both methods take me to the version=test version of the app.

Can anyone shed any light on this?

Thank you so much in advance if you can.

to use the debugger you need to include debug_mode=true as a query parameter in the URL (and, obviously, you have to be logged in to your Bubble account in the same browser to access it).