Debugging goes wrong because too slow


Anyone also found out that Debugging is impossible when a certain step takes too long?
What do I mean?
When in Debug mode a certain step takes a lot of time ( a call to Google sheets), the next step is a simple adjustment of data:
However, in the debugger it counts this WRONG. It ends up with one more day ( so when it should be 14, it is 15), yet when you check the database the actual RIGHT number is there ( so 14 and not 15).
What I suspect is the debugger is not a ‘real live step for step debugger’ but can get out of sync, because when one step takes longer in your browser, in the background Bubble has already updated your database. The consequence is that when you finally arrive at the ‘make change to data step’ in my example the debugger adds +1 to the already updated database in the background.
From that point on the debugger stops because all the subsequent actions are conditioned upon the previous particular outcome. However, in reality Bubble did execute a lot more of the actions ( because the condition for those actione were met).

Anybody else experiences this?

Has anybody experienced this as well? The debugging tool is really taking me on a spin here time and time again.

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