Dedicated Australian Bubble Server - Share Costs with my client

Are you a serious Bubble agency or start up based in Australia who is interested in a dedicated Bubble server instance in Australia? You many have already investigated the cost with Bubble Sales and found the cost not viable (Over $100,000 p/a).

I’m investigating whether there are a number of Australian clients interested in sharing the cost of a dedicated Australian server. Please message me privately if so.

cc: @emmanuel - any change to this cost/roadmap for this coming down in cost?

I would also be interested in an Australian or atleast Pacific instance. One of my business’s is Datacentre Colocation & Web Hosting and have wanted to host my own bubble instance for a long time. I could imagine it is a bit of a logistical nightmare for the Bubble team to do any production instances on third party infrastructure. But even a Bubble managed instance in Australia would be great…

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