Dedicated pages vs hidden elements for different user types

I have an app that has different user types (e.g. parents, staff, admin etc).

In some workflows, I redirect to specific pages based on current user type and this sends the user to a dedicated page designed for their type of user.

In other cases, I have a common page where elements are displayed/hidden depending on user type. e.g. a bookings event page that only shows the ‘book’ button for users that aren’t staff.

Is there any consensus on which of these ways are the best way to do this? Or any other methods. Obviously, I have prviacy rules on the server side for sensitive data, but looking more at efficiency of the site design and navigation/

Thanks in advance for any guidance!

Search the forum for Single Page app vs Multi page app. Loads of discussions about this. I tend to do SPA for internal tools / SaaS and multi page for anything external e.g marketplaces, listing / booking platforms

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