Dedicated Plan Pricing Transparency

Hey Bubble folks,

I was scouring the forum trying to find pricing for the dedicated plan. Is anyone aware of the price/capacity of the dedicated plan? A couple post said $2k USD per month.

Wondering why it’s not listed along side the other plans. Is it something that has to be negotiated or changes based on your app?

Would love some insights from dedicated plan users before having to succumb to the sales process…

It’s more of a negotiation based on the needs of your application. The last quote we received after talking with them was over $5k/month. You essentially pick your capacity, redundancy, storage needs etc. that they provide and they put together a quote for you. I was advised that dedicated is only good for 1 app.

I’ll let someone else chime in whose actually on the dedicated, but just my 2 cents when we inquired.


Thanks for that response. $2k-$5k seems like such a wide swing. Did you have to complete a form or was it just a phone call to diagnose your needs? Did the process feel reasonable or like you needed to fight for good rates?

For us there was nothing lower in price for dedicated. Our options were between 5-8k. The process was smooth, fill out an inquiry, they’ll schedule a time for a sales person to go over benefits, cost, etc.

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I’m pretty sure that the pricing starts at $1k/mo


Do you know anyone who got this price?

I got quoted 3,500$usd/month a year ago… Needless to say, Xano got my money.

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