Default Data on Page Load

Quick question for all you Bubblers.

I have my index page set to type X Block

I have built one of these X Blocks and want it to be the default landing for the index page. Currently I am using page redirects to take a visitor to my X Block. These page redirects are a big no-no when it comes to page loading speed.

How can I set a page to use a default piece of data upon loading the website?

Say my webpage is

If someone visits I want them to actually go to

A virtual beer for anybody who helps me through this sticking point.


By “page redirect” do you mean setting the page type on “Page Load” to something if there is no Page object ?

Exactly that…any suggestions?

Nothing out there. I have the question that befuddled everyone;)

Just not sure that there is a faster way. That is how I would do it, indeed do do it.

Oh I was confused by your response?? How would I achieve what you suggested then by setting the page type on page load? I must be missing something because I don’t see that option.

Apologize if my first response seemed a bit rude. It must have appeared that you were offering a solution and I thought you were getting clarification.

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