Default Signup / Login Popup interface & workflow - Input focus issue

Hello there. I’m using the default Signup / Login Popup in my application. However, I’ve noticed that when the user clicks on “Login”, the input focus is NOT turned to “Input Email (log in)” element, which means that the user must manually click on it before starting to type. Of course that is very counterintuitive - and one of the first things one of my test users noticed and mentioned, clearly frustrated (funny how a small thing like sometimes that can set the tone for the whole user experience!).

The input focus works just fine when the user clicks on the Sign Up button, though: the input focus is turned to the “Input Email (sign up)” element.

I’ve tried checking the workflows, and everything seems to be fine there, here’s a screenshot of the relevant workflows - which, again, let me mention that are exactly as in the default options from a new app:

I’d appreciate any hints or tips. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

This is interesting. Has this been looked into at all?

I see the same behavior.

I was just fighting with the weird focus issue in my signup/login popup. I had three fields and the focus always went to the bottom input. But it’s not that the tab order was wrong. The tab order worded how you’d expect, in that tab moved from top to bottom and shift+tab moved from bottom to top. It’s just that the focus always started on the lowest input.

I tried moving them around relative to each other and the focus still always went to the bottom input. It tried recreating them in a different order and the focus still always went to the bottom input.

Eventually I created a “do when condition true” action with “when signup/login popup is visible” and two actions, one to set the focus to the right input field for the login and signup groups.

That seems to have fixed it. Mostly. It doesn’t actually trigger the action after the first time the popup is visible.

I solved this by setting a state for whether signup is visible or login in visible. Then, whenever it changes to signup I set the focus the correct input, and the same for login. It works every time.