Default state not fast

Hey guys,
I got this text with a default state defined :

Capture d’écran 2019-12-25 à 23.35.56.png

But it always appear with lag, like 2 seconds after page shows, do know why ?
(Should be at the left of the logo)

Hi @vnihoul77

I think the issue might be elsewhere. Do you have some group level conditionals or a workflow that needs to load before? Or maybe a “do a search for” ?

Default states should be instant. Can you share a view access link to your app?


Thanks for your answer @daniel.abebe , unfortunately I do not yet have the Bubble subscription allowing me to share access

You do, by default all bubble applications can share their editor with others.

Go to settings on left side menu, go to general.

Then select the application rights

Choose everyone can view or edit if you wish and copy past the editor URL.

Other people can then view or edit the app depending on the setting you use.

It is good to allow helpful users to see your editor to help diagnose the issue…kind of like a car mechanic having no ability to diagnose a car problem solely on description from the car owner. Instead a car mechanic needs to “take a look under the hood” to actually see and if allowed make adjustments to test a “fix”.

As a side note, if not comfortable sharing the editor, you could provide screen shots of how things are set up.

@boston85719, waw thanks for the tips I was thinking this dropdown was for the “user” version, not the editor version.

There is the link :
It’s under “Group Intro”

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