Default value on a multidropdown using external database


I’m having an interesting issue.

I want to update a record in a pop up. In that pop up I have tags names as an option caption and then I want to show the default value of the parent group but I also need to use tag_id (not tag name) when I update a record using an API external database.

Situation A:
Type of choice: text
Choices Source: get skills body each item name
Option caption: current option
Default value: parents group courses body skills each item name

Problem: This works but it forces me to update the tag with their name on the workflow and I want to send the tag ID as a parameter in the API.

Situation B:

Then I tried this where I can get the tag id when updating a record via API:

Problem: The default value doesn’t work anymore when I tried to get the parent group with the saved tags and expects a get skills body which is strange because the group where this multiline inputs his data source is the parent group course body.

I need to make it work under scenario 2 and be able to select the tag id to send via API (not tag name) but also have the tags selected previously as the default value.

Any suggestion? I hope I didnt complicate the use case. :slight_smile:

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