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Default values not being pushed through

Hi all;

When I set default values up in the data parameters, they do not show up when I try to push them through to various pages and I have no idea why…

I have set up an example in the forum app under the page names “Nagy…”, and you can see the sample pages here:

I cannot get the default numbers to flow through and it’s kind of driving me crazy, it would be a huge help and would make my site much more elegant, if I could get this to work.

Thank you very much.


Have you tried using the debugger, step-by-step?

If you do, you’ll see that you forgot to define the current page item as the newly created item. So you’re essentially sending nothing to the next page, which probably leads to what you’re seeing.

Thank you - I really don’t know how to use the debugger correctly to help me with this…where do you “define the current page item”? I checked the reference material and I can’t find that anywhere…

For a group you’d use a display data in group action, that’s probably simpler. usually, people don’t send data to a page where they’re already in, but if you want to, you use an action ‘go to page’, pick the same page and then pick the relevant thing to send.

You should experiment with the debugger, it’ll save you a lot of time when you’re familiar with it.

Hi Emmanuel;

I’ve been using bubble a lot, I think it’s powerful and that I can build a pretty large business using it, and that having access to people like yourself for help is truly invaluable and a differentiatory.

I have to say though, I’m not using “groups” and I use “go t page” on every page, and I guess it’s a simpler way to do it, and far less elegant and such, but in all honesty, I have no idea what direction you gave me, I don’t understand that direction at all so I might have to go back to square one on this. (My failing, not yours, of course).

I do appreciate you taking the time to help.

I’ve been there… Not using groups and hence incredibly frustrated. But once I learnt what groups are and how they work, they’ve turned out to be the most important friend for me in bubble editor. Encourage you to rely on groups to make life easier :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the insight, I will spend some time getting up to speed on it then…

How did you learn about groups, Gaurav? I’m finding it a bit frustrating to work with and learn about groups…

Thank you.

  1. Start with a clean page and just a group with a button and text field etc. Experiment around them e.g. How to hide, display data etc. using the bubble documentation and video tutorial.
  2. Once you’re comfortable with that, use the tabbed groups reusable element available in bubble editor to create a tabbed group. See how groups are placed inside one another and displayed selectively using conditional formatting.
  3. Learn custom states after step 2. This is supremely powerful and not just for groups but pretty much every element.

Let me know if this helps !

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Interesting dilemma though: I’m playing around with groups and definitely see how much more quickly they load data, etc., but because its not a new page load, when I hit the back button on the browser the page doesn’t change, it doesn’t change the group that is showing on the page…

Any thought on how to fix that?



well simply add a button on the page itself to go back. When button is clicked, display the group you want through a workflow.

Thanks for the help, really really appreciate it…I’m getting about 200+ different pages down to four pages using groups, its fantastic!

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I know the feeling :slight_smile:
When I saw bubble in action the first time at airdev academy and imagined what I could do with it on my own, it felt like I have superpowers now :smile: it’s only matched by this amazing community of bubblers.

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