Default values not set on new things


When I create a new thing, the default values for certain fields are not set.

Is anybody else experiencing this?


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Can you provide an example what you create and what exactly is missing?

I have a table with certain fields who have default values.

When I create a new thing, those default values are not populated.

I think with table you mean the Data tab where you create a new custom data type with fields which containing default values.

I have the same issue with my app.

I created a new database field test with a default text. Than I set initial content to inputs tests value and added this in the click button action. Now when I look into app data there is nothing in my column test.

In the help I find this:

#### Default value
The default value is a way to define what the field should be if there is no information in the ‘Create new thing’ action for the current field.

But even when I do not let the ‘Create new thing’ action do not change the field to get the default value in the DB it is not working.

Finally I tried lot different combinations of the above described steps but none of them leads to the result to get the Default Text inserted into the DB…

Comment #2: I had in the past a field with a default number 1. This was working until 1. of July and inserted everytime the value 1 into my DB. But now when I create a new object this default value is not set although I have not changed the function.

So I can say this is definitively a bug which was inserted in the last months.

We’re pushing a fix.

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Hello folks,

Fix for this is out! Please contact us at [email protected] if you continue having trouble.

All, I recommend you to check all new data that was created in the last two days. Empty fields might go un-noticed but will affect your app functionality in the future and it will take you a lot of time to track it back to empty fields.

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I just find incredible that this issue has gone unnoticed for 2 days.

From my side this can be closed because the default value is stored for me. I tested it with a number.

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