Default values of multi dropdown based on conditional selection of another radio button


Hope this can be a simple solution that I’m not thinking about. I have a form with multiple inputs. One input is a radio button to select a “Tune Package”. When one of the items is selected, in this case “Standard Tune” is selected, I want other Multi Dropdown inputs to pre-select some of their options. I’m thinking this can be created by adding a conditional value of the radio button being selected creating a default value for the multi-dropdown. When I go to add the constraint, I cannot get the selection to stick without an error.

The constraint in the picture should be a yes/no resulting expression. It should be something like this:

Thank you. However, I think I’m already addressing the RadioButton’s choice in the WHEN statement in the Condition. This Condition box is on the multi dropdown for “Drivetrain” to filter it to only show three of the seven options if “Standard Tune” is selected in the RadioButton. I was hoping I could change the default value pre-select a few of the multi dropdown options. Maybe I should be using option set attributes to define which options in an option set connects to an attribute?

I was guessing you already have a way to filter out some options. And the constraint is red. Where do you do the mapping currently (from radio buttons → options in multi select)? One way is using the attributes of option sets as you said.

Thank you! I was able to solve it by setting up attributes of options sets. Thanks for the help.