Define a User Type that changes logins


In my system, there are 2 types of Users, users that are investors and users that are founders.
The whole point is that users which are investors will navigate to a different page when logged in to founders.

In the Data section, I have added a new field - ‘User Type’ which is a static text field, determined on a particular page (a user can choose between Investor, and 2 other options (which classify them as founders).

On that page, the workflow is such as:

However, when I preview and run the app, no user type is recorded in the App Data, there is not even a column for it.

Any help appreciated!

Make sure “investor” is in quotes since it is a text data type.

Also never trust the table view of the data. Click the edit icon to see what is really going on with the row.

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@alex8 Text values (or any for that matter) do not require quotes in order to be saved. I understand that this is a programming standard, but it doesn’t apply here. If you include quotes, the value will contain quotes.

I think your problem was related to @pier2design’s point about the data view. It might not have refreshed. But use the debugger to run the workflow step by step to see what’s going on if still not saving.

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