Define and show linked user data from another data type

Hi! Here is the task I met hard some and can’t find an appropriate post in this lovely forum:
During user’s sign up I want to create /paste a remote account for this user, but in another data type “Remote accounts”.
The data type “Remote accounts” actually has two fields: “Remote account title” and “Owner”.
The “Owner” field needs to be a link to each of the users.
As the result, for example, I want the system to show “Remote account title” for concrete current user, so he can see it in his account details.

How to do that? Help me, please

Hi @monoquad I’m not 100% certain I understand your question. But if I understand you correctly, to enter a new entry to your data type table you can have your workflow like this.: to sign your user up, this will sign up your user and save the log in detail which you can use to login in the user after sign up.


But to save data into your “Remote accounts” Data Type, you can choose "Data(things) and choose to “Create a new thing” and choose what fields you want to save to the DB.

You will then get a screen like this and select “Remote accounts” as Type. it will be listed on the red border space when it has been created on the DB. then you can choose what fields to save.


I hope this helps or spark an idea of archiving the results you looking for.

hi! thanks for your answer
Let me tell you this more detailed
When I’m creating (siging up) a new user:

  • I create a new record to for special rewards network data type (this is what remote account is needed for)
  • This new rewards network record should contain two fields to be filled - remote account and owner - I’m filling the first field by remote account value, that I have and filling the owner field by current user value
  • (here is the problem) Now the user sees his profile page and there he should see remote account value for him - I can’t understand how to pull the value of remote account from reward network data type where owner = current user

for now, I need to double the value of remote account as a field in User’s data type which is not correct (because I need to use reward network for remote accounts that even can’t be without registred users of my system)

Hi @monoquad

To fetch data from other Data Types Tables (remote account DT), You need to select “Do a Search for” option as per screenshot below.

You will then get a pop up where you can select a data type to pull/read data from.


For more help and understanding for Bubble, Here are the links to YouTube channels that have helped me a lot in getting started and running with the platform.

I wish you all the best with your project.

thanks, I’ll try it again