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Defined Task: Bubble developer well versed in HTML

Hey Team!

I need help for a defined task on the project that I’m working on.

I currently offer personalised email newsletters to my users. I’ve built these newsletters using custom HTML.

I’m now developing a webapp in bubble that allows users to sign up to my newsletters. I also want to be able to display users’ newsletters natively in the webapp.

However, when I load the HTML into bubble it doesn’t translate 100% accurately and a dozen or so formatting issues emerge.

The Task:
I need someone who is well versed in both bubble and HTML to make a bubble compatible version of my email newsletter template HTML.

If this sounds like a job well suited for you, please drop me a note about your past experience. I’d also like to know your estimate for the rough time to complete this task as well as the cost of doing so. Happy to send over my code in advance to help inform your estimate.


I’m glad you reached out for assistance with your project! I have experience working with both Bubble and HTML, and I’d be happy to help you create a Bubble-compatible version of your email newsletter template.

In the past, I have successfully converted custom HTML templates into Bubble-friendly formats, ensuring accurate translation and maintaining the desired formatting. I’m well-versed in handling HTML code and can address the formatting issues that are arising when loading the HTML into Bubble.

To provide you with an estimate for the time and cost required, I would need to review your existing HTML code. Please feel free to share the code with me, and I’ll examine it to determine the complexity of the task. Based on that, I’ll be able to provide you with an accurate estimate.

Rest assured, my goal is to ensure that your newsletters are displayed accurately and beautifully within your Bubble web app. I’ll work diligently to replicate the design and formatting of your original HTML template while making it compatible with Bubble’s rendering engine.

Please provide me with the HTML code, and I’ll get back to you promptly with my estimate and any additional questions or suggestions.

Looking forward to working with you and delivering a Bubble-compatible version of your email newsletter template!