Defining a Global Overlap rule for various Num Input Ranges

I ve created a group :
Droped 6 Inputs lines - inside - with distinct Numeric Range values.

  • Range value limits are different for each line ( A 0-100, B 0-3000…)

Is it possible to create a “Global Overlap rules” - WITHOUT DETAILLING EACH INPUT LINES REF., so as to reset any of those 6 lines to “0”, each time a user - accidentaly - overlap the range of whatever input line he is typing in ?

Or is it “as quick” to create a “reset to Zero Rule” at each Input line ?

Im trying the 1rst option, but cant figure out how to complete the Rule…
any knowledge about that ? :sunglasses:

*Or is that op , just impossible as of today ?

*Beside I am a bit surprised that the RANGE 0-100 definition, does - indeed - allow users to type in higher numbers than 100 !!!


Hey @ericterii,

Not following what exactly you are looking to achieve but if a user enters a value into an input element that is outside of its min/max range that input will have an “invalid” state which you can reference in styles, conditions, etc. Maybe you can use that here?

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Hi Mebe…
Tks, Good one, yes I m going to use your tip !
As for now. I m repeating Events to process Line after Line, maybe not the smartest way but one that works.

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