Defining standard width, height, X and Y

My app has 12 pop-ups. Many of the pop-ups have a dozen or more fields. That is a whole bunch of hard-coded width, height, X, and Y numbers for pop-ups, groups, and elements. In Java, I would declare named constants such as POP_UP_HEIGHT, ELEMENT_WIDTH, etc., and use them to define forms and controls so if anything changed I could change one statement and everything would be updated. Is there any similar mechanism in Bubble?

Not exactly

Explore what reusable elements do

I have some understanding of reusable elements.
I can create a reusable group containing a field that appears on multiple pop-ups. When I drop the reusable on the page, the width and height are set to the size of the reusable. But, if I subsequently change the width and height of the reusable group, it doesn’t update the dimensions of control on the page so it doesn’t solve the problem.
Am I missing something?

I do not think you are missing anything. Bubble elements styling and positioning cannot centrally be managed as you describe.

A way to standardize in Bubble is by means of reusable elements. So for the same content to be used across pages this could be done for popup as an example:

Thanks, very helpful.
I really don’t want to have to make the same change to a number in dozens of places. I can export the app “source” as a JSON file. Can I use find/replace in a text editor to make mass changes to width, height, X, and Y then import it? Probably a dangerous approach but is that workable?