Delay and Trigger Stripe Charging Multiple Users at Once

I’m trying to execute this feature in my MVP.

I want the user making a purchase to be able to set a threshold for how many other people in their friend group must put down credit card info before everyone gets charged and we ship each of them their products. I’ve looked at invoices but I’m not sure how to access each one once the threshold is met.

The data structure is as follows:
An Order has a list of Order Items one for each person invited to purchase the product as well. Pictures show the current fields for each object.

Look forward to seeing what creative solutions you all might have for me.

I’ve been trying to utilize a database change trigger to accomplish this once but I’m having issues with trying to charge a list of users using saved Stripe CC. If anyone has any advice on how to accomplish this I’d love some help. Been at this for 30+ hours at this point.

@copilot can you give me some guidance perchance?