Delay in evaluating conditions causing a problem

Hi there.

I’ve got a button that checks a fair few conditions (all within the same condition box with ‘and’ to join them together) to see whether it should be visible or not.

The conditions work as expected, however, whilst calculating if they are met or not
the button is sometimes visible when it shouldn’t be momentarily. This may allow the user to set data that is not compatible (such as a username with spaces, which I don’t want as I use them as slugs).

Is there a way to hide the button whilst conditions are being checked? Or is there a more optimised way to check a number of conditions without having them all in one condition box with ‘and’ to join them together?

Advice appreciated, TIA

You can use a “State” that enables or disables the button in question. Then you need to automate this “State” change with the user expected behaviour.


You can permanently disable / make non visible the button and ONLY when the conditions are complete, show it / enable it.

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