Delete a log from a user

Okay so i wanna make it so the user can click "go on duty wich will make a Log in the database “DutyList” Then when the user clicks “end duty” The button then find that users “log” and delete it so it will not show him/her as “on duty” in the list

But i don’t know how to get it to find that users log, can anyone please help with this


Thanks in advance

Add a field to the user called something like “currentCheckOut”.
When the user checks out update that field to be the newly created DutyList.
Then when user checks back find current user’s currentCheckOut.

@SerPounce can you give more explanation? (maybe screenshots)

Hmmm…deleting data is usually not a best practice for the regular course of business. If the data is gone then it is much harder to audit and track down issues that may come up.

I think it would be better to create a column on your user (or “dutylist”) indicating the status of the user–i.e., on duty or not on duty. Then when showing your dutylist, you would filter to only show users who are “on duty”.

is it possible to delete current cell’s data?

@grace.hallak Hi Maybe you should make a new post to ask further questions. :slight_smile: Yes but there are a couple different meanings to “delete current cell’s data.” Do you mean that you have a cell where you wish to clear what is displayed (make the cell empty), do you want to update the value of a data item (i.e., want to clear out one “field” of one record), or do you want to choose a data item to delete (i.e., delete an entire entry from one of your data tables).

Also the tutorials are very helpful…they walk you through the basics of forms, etc.

sorry didn’t mean to change the topic of this post. I will see if there are any helpful videos on this.

When deleting the data from that section it would also be making data in a the “dutylogs” folder showing Time, and info the user provided in input boxes provided when the user clicks “Go off duty” button so logs will be made in a second Data Section, But i do see what you mean

I tired something like this using the user’s “username” but i’m finding it hard to locate the Data cell created when the user clicks “go on duty” thus making the Entry,

To sum up what i am trying to do

User clicks “go on duty” Button logs “On duty” and the Page shows in a column as him been on duty > user clicks off duty > Logs Deleted, and the column no longer shows him, but he gets logged with whatever data he sent like so V


Yes, you will not be able to locate “go on duty” record because you have made the type username. I wasn’t totally clear in my previous suggestion, but you should make this type dutyList so you can store the specific record for “go on duty”.

You should also consider @dm-dev advice and avoid deleting records and rather update status.

would the username not work the same way with it been a value not the “creators name”,

Ah, I see what you are trying to do.

But you have made the user of type “text”. It should be of type “user”.

But you don’t even need to do that because what you will see is that the user = Creator every time, as the Creator is automatically set to the logged in user by Bubble. So just use Creator.

Username and the Creator’s name a two different Types of names (Mainly for logging reasons)

Account Name > Name used in Discord (i also use discord as a second logging system via
Profile Name > Name Used for logging << Use this one for the “user value” and other “duty” types
RP Name > Used for logging RP events and such

all 3 are made during sign up

Ok, so the field “user” represents user name, not user. I see. That’s not really a best practice, but anyhow.

In order to figure out where the problem lies, can you share screen shots from the editor of:

  1. The RG data source
  2. The workflow to create the on duty entry

or just share read access to your editor.

how do i share read access?

In your application settings, set application rights to “everyone can view”.
Copy/paste link to the editor here.

Your dutyList RG has no data source?
Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 5.46.56 AM

added it :stuck_out_tongue:

Still not.