Delete all unused actions and/or workflows

Hello. Is there a way to search all unused workflows and/or actions? I want to refactor (clean up the app) and delete those workflows.

Hi there, @almantas… the short answer your question is no, but what do you mean by an unused workflow? A workflow is attached to something or is configured to do something when certain conditions are met, so how would the system know what an “unused” workflow is? If you simply mean a workflow that has not been run in some amount of time, the answer is still no.


An unused workflow is a workflow that is never used in the app. For example, custom workflows, you can create a bunch of them, but also you can not use them.

Ah, okay… that’s a foreign concept to me because I have literally never created a custom/backend workflow that I didn’t use (and if I found that I didn’t need one that I had created, I deleted it immediately). Anyway, no, you can’t search for unused workflows.

FYI… this idea has been posted in the forum before, but I didn’t see it on the ideaboard, so you could add it to the latter, if you want.

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