Delete an element in a RG without affecting the DB

Can a record in an RG be deleted without being removed from the Database?

Depends on what the data source to the RG is. If it searches for items in the database then yes.

If you have assigned a custom state as the data source then any operations on that custom state will not affect the database.

Sure, just remove it from the RG datasource using minus item

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If you are trying to let users delete an item, but you don’t actually want to delete it from the DB,

Here’s how I’d do it.

  1. Add a field on the “item” you want users to delete, call it “deleted” type= yes | no. Set No as default.

  2. Add privacy rule on the data type, “This items deleted is yes” then the user can find it in searches…

  3. You workflow should simple change the item’s deleted field from no to yes.

You will not need to edit you repeating group cuz Once you run the above workflow, the item will automatically be removed from the RG but not from the DB.