Delete Database Field Permanently

Hi Bubblers, @emmanuel @neerja

Sometime when building your app, you tend to create many database fields until you figure out the final structure you want for the data type, but you end up with many deleted fields and you would want to clean up that.

I suggest to have an option to delete a database field permanently.


At first, I found it a bit frustrating that these can’t be deleted. But it makes sense.

Having these fields in a user-deleted state versus a permanently deleted states enables you to revert to prior versions and assists in error handling (ie. field X was deleted, which an input refers to). While they exist, they have no noticeable impact on performance.

What I’ve found helpful to do is to sketch out my app as best as possible within a Google sheets template before implementing in Bubble. And as I continue any buildout, to reconcile it with my spreadsheet first, then add in Bubble. (PM me and I’d be happy to share a copy).

Thank you @dan1 for your reply,

I will PM you.

We have considered this feature request and it’s quite commonly requested :slight_smile:

As mentioned above, fields are retained for historical consistency but we might rethink this for future releases.

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I´m doing a download as CSV workflow action and in the CSV file I´m getting a column for a deleted field. I don´t want the deleted field column to show in my CSV download and I can´t hide it in the Download Action itself because it doesn´t appear there. Is this a bug? How can I get rid of the deleted field in my CSV download?

Please submit a bug report.

ok thanks!

Can we at least have those deleted fields hidden in the App Data view? I know I can create another view but then I end up with two versions in the list on the left and that’s unnecessary. If there is a way to hide the deleted fields in App Data I’m all :ear:'s because I can’t find it.