Delete in Repeating Group Not Working (Fast vs. Slow user interaction)

I populate a RepeatingGroup (content type: text) with a List attached to Current User.

I have an “X” on each text item which Modifies Current User, and deletes Parent Group’s Text Item (because there is a group with Data Source: Current Cell’s text on each Repeating Group List Item).

When I slowly click the “X” the entry deletes just fine.

If I quickly click the “X”… e.g. I have 4 entries, and I know I want to delete all 4 - and I quickly click 4 times in a row, when the RG UI refreshes, I may have anywhere between 1 & 3 entries still in the list in the repeating group (the count i’m assuming has to do with how quick I click).

So here’s the problem from the User perspective:

As a User,
When I quickly delete everyone in my list
I still see people showing up in the list, which I thought I deleted.

Why? What can I do to improve the UX here?


Does it happen if you wait a few seconds between each click (delete)?

Maybe it’s because when you’re clicking to delete the items say 2&3 the page is still loading from the deletion of item 1.

Maybe it would be worth having checkboxes in front of each item with a “delete all boxes checked” option.

It does not happen if waiting a few seconds between each click.

Then I think this is where the problem comes from.

Deleting is slow, for a number of reasons. What I do is have 2 workflows:

  1. The first workflow just “hides” the item, or removes it from the list. Then, it kicks off an API Workflow
  2. The API workflow is scheduled for as soon as possible, and it actually deletes the thing.

This way, the user gets the immediate feedback of not seeing the item anymore, but the actual delete operation is scheduled to happen in the background.

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Yes, I agree - rapid clicking vs waiting a second or two exposes the problem.

Why is deleting slow? What are the reasons?

I’m only doing #1 in your list, removing the item from the List, which is Current User’s list.

Unfortunately the immediate feedback is not immediate, and is consistently inconsistently reliable.

There must be a solution…

Well it might also be because you already have a heavy workflow, and maybe it gets better with the paid plan.
I think a quick fix to you problem would be to have check boxes in front of your items and a “delete checked boxes” option.

What do you think @andrewgassen ?

Well you have your solution right here @8it2 (andrew’s solution)

Where’s the solution?

It’s a single action workflow, on a paid plan.

That’s your solution.

Josh had a writeup on the forum a few months ago about why deleting was slow. I can’t find the thread, but I also didn’t search super hard.

If removing it from a list is too slow, that feels problematic. It’s pretty instantaneous for me, and I’m on the personal plans. To clarify, are you using “remove from list” or “delete thing” in your workflow?

Make changes to Current User… List remove

Yeah, that’s strange. I’m using the same actions and it’s instantaneous for me, everywhere I use it.

I thought it may be due to the fact that i have a group as the base layer in the repeating group’s cell, however, I deleted the group and the same problem is still there.