Delete list of things

Hi, im using to delete records in a table ON PAGE LOAD
i have cart with user’s filed within an alphanumeric string
i use delete list of things > serarch for carts USER = an alphnumeric string
In ONLOAD page wont work
if i put a button with same expression it work fine
Where is my issue?
Thanks in advance

Hey there @rcretella,

Are you sure you have a user logged in on page load?

This is not a real user, cause is called from frontend
think to user field as a different field.
i want delete all record WHERE filed=xxxx

You said you have a constraint of user when searching for the list to delete.

Correct but user is not = to the logged user. Consider user field as an easy field like product
Maybe is this that can cause the issue

here it is ON LOAD

here is the repeating gorup for test
here is the log
here is the debug mode