Delete thing from base with simple flow

Have a simplest flow - a popup which contain the info of repeating group with a button Delete. When the delete-btn is pressed I need the thing to delete from the base and from the screen. Do the flow Delete parent’s group Item :arrow_right: Close the Popup. The popup is actually being closed, but data doesn’t delete from the base, neither from the screen. Can anyone explain why?

Can you share an example of your workflows?

Снимок экрана 2023-02-09 в 18.14.47
Снимок экрана 2023-02-09 в 18.14.52

Are you sure the popup has the right data?

Yea, can you show us details leading into the entire process?

Well, yes, the popup is showing all data :point_right:t2: you can see it on the preview

And this is the hierarchy of information from the editor

In that case, check the debugger when you run the workflow to see what’s actually happening…

Where you setting this

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I’m setting this connection with auto-binding like on the screenshot

Can you show me the Parent group that is the Task?

The whole flow is starting from the page with list of tasks, and it looks like this

When a user click on the task from a list, the popup is showing

After that, a user can change the task or delete it (or cannot delete like I’am right now :grinning:). As you can see, the popup is showing data (on the preview) from parent group and it seems OK with data connection :point_right:t2:

But this deleting btn doesnt delete the thing - Parent’s gropu task

What does the debugger show when you run the workflow?

I wanna say that it’s probably bc the delete button might not be properly associated with that parent group and can’t find that parent groups task so it’s trying to delete the empty data source of task from the pop up group itself

So, the data needs to be set on the pop up group initially so every element can have access to this data

So in your debugger, when it’s going to delete the Parent groups task, click on that and see which grouping it takes u too

:partying_face: Fixed this! Thanks a lot! Really didn’t connect the group with the button with data :nerd_face:

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:partying_face: Fixed this! Thanks a lot! Really didn’t connect the group with the button with data :nerd_face:
Thanks with idea to see debugger - never used it before