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Delete thing in the database after 5 mins

Hello guys!!!

I need to delete a code that I put in the database after 5 mins of its creation how can I do this?

Shcedule a backend workflow to run 5 minutes after the thing is created, and in that backend workflow simply delete the thing in question.

does the shcedule api need to have the paid version of the bubble? if yes is there any other way?

Yes - backend workflows don’t work on the free version.

There’s no other way that I know of as the free version doesn’t give you access to the API or backend.

You could do it on the page (client side) using a delay action (a pause) or by scheduling a custom event - but obviously that would only work whilst the page is open (if the user closes the page then it won’t work).

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thank you so much, you helped me a lot, i was exhausted from trying so much lol