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Delete Upload File from App Data

Dear all,

I created the following:

  1. Presenting data that has been uploaded (like profile)

  2. When click upload document icon, popup presents

  3. This all works, the files are uploaded and linked to my App Data correctly

  4. When pressing the trash button, it should delete the Data from my app. For this I use “Delete an Uploaded File”

  5. It unfortunately not seems to delete the file and make “Company Brochure” an empty field, restoring text back to “Click to Upload a File”

Does anyone have a solution to this?

Many thanks for your support.


Hi @michellhogeveen ,

Once you run the action “Delete an uploaded File” please add Reset Group to clear your data in the elements.

Please try below link,

Hi Mani,

It doesn’t seem to work.

Anyway how i can look at code of the link/ open the link in editor?

Many thanks.


Yeah sure,
Please refer below link,

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