Delete Users but save some data

Hi there,

I am building a two sided marketplace.

I have “jobs” attached to particular user and then another person gets paid based on completed work on the task.

However I am running into an issue when the user(who is doing the hiring) deletes their account because it deletes the job with it. And then then my payouts area(which I manually select which payments to make) deletes the job and therefore the payout to that member.

What are some solutions here. Obviously, if a user needs to delete their account once the job is finished that is okay but I need to somehow still save the payment amount we owe them and a few other non user specific parameters about the job such as what type of job it was.

How would you solve this?

One question: "When your user delete his account, you need to delete his personal information? "

How your data privacy rules work?

It shouldn’t do. It should just remove the User from the Job thing (essentially all references to the User in your database become empty for all intents and purposes). It won’t delete data tied to the user unless you set up workflows to do that.

So, a Job:
name - example
User - John

would become the following when you delete a user’s account:

name - example
User - (empty)

The Job still exists.

Just don’t delete the job.

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