Delete Workflow Action Detection Area

Noticed a slight bug in the last week or so, the “delete” button at the bottom of a workflow action has a very small clickable area, in the very bottom-right corner of the action box. Obviously not critical, just a minor nuisance… is this happening for anyone else? I’ve confirmed it in both Chrome and Edge.



Earlier this week I noticed I couldn’t delete the first step in a workflow at all. And i actually just went into an app and verified I still can’t delete the first step in a workflow. I only see this issue with deleting first step in workflow. The workaround is to move it to a 2nd, 3rd, etc step in the workflow and then delete. This is on Chrome.

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This should be fixed now, sorry about this.


Thanks for the quick turnaround!

@emmanuel - it appears this issue is back.

@greg.nallie - r u having the issue again too?

Nope, the detection area is fine for me in Chrome. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered your issue of not being able to delete the first step in a workflow.

Hmm…interesting…i’m using chrome also. I just want back and it seems that only for the first action in the workflow, when I hover over “delete” my cursor needs to be over the last “e” or to the right of delete (ie over the lower right corner of the action box). For subsequent actions in the workflow, when my cursor hovers any part of “delete” it’s fine.

@emmanuel - looks like the deleting functionality is indeed there but the “click to delete” behavior for deleting first action isn’t the same as deleting other actions in the workflow. I’m good…

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