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Surprise! It’s another stolen Onyx provider!

I don’t know what an onyx is

Scroll down

Contact Modern Solutions. They would be more than happy to help.

You say everything is stolen.

Cause it is.

Not really.

They are

All these CAD/MDT companies cant modify any CAD/MDT they get.

Thats true. But I am in their server and I don’t see any CADs in it

There are CAD/MDT in it.

Oh now I see it.

This one will seem familiar

It does

Nope It doesn’t

Nice Try Bud We actually made that our selfs, Good try tho!

@prestongamertv, Can you post a screenshot of your CAD system?

Looks to me like a stolen “Scorpion CAD” Or “Revelation CAD” From Serverwide Electronics Industries. Just changed to look like it’s not.