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Deleted Data Fields Referenced Dynamic Expression Not Issue

When a data field that is deleted is referenced throughout the application in dynamic expressions, the dynamic expression doesn’t turn red and become an issue…instead it remains blue as if it is valid, doesn’t throw an issue into the issue checker, and just simply adds ‘deleted’ next to the field name in the dynamic expression.

Screen Shot 2021-06-11 at 7.28.01 PM

This should be changed and made to at the least throw an issue into the issue checker to alert that a deleted field is referenced in a dynamic expression. This will make it easier in my opinion to find these than using the search for fields usage before deleting the field.

Currently if you delete the field it is no longer available in the search, so you have to undelete it, then search for its usage, and make the changes, and after all changes delete the field.


This needs to be put into place as there is a major flaw with the fact that issues are not registered when a field or data type gets deleted when thinking about this in regards to the ‘Optimize Application’ function.

When you go into optimize an application and you see the Deleted Custom Types and Deleted Fields, you likely would remove them through this optimize application process. After the process is complete the issues would only then finally get registered (a day late and a dollar short). At this point the fields and types are completely removed and you’d be stuck to undo the optimize and again try to search in vain for any use of deleted fields or data types, because the issue checker once ‘optimized’ won’t be able to reference what it once was.

Below are the red dynamic expressions after optimization with 4 issues in the issue checker.

Below are blue dynamic expression before optimize application

+1 Absolutely.

I NEED THIS TOO. Please Bubble :pray: