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Deleted Workflow doesn't work after recreating


I accidentally deleted a workflow on a Radio Button (Grouped into a Group).
And when I try to recreate it - i find it weird that it doesn’t work/function at all, as it did earlier.

Am I missing something here?!

Workflow Details :

Group Add_Assignees : Is a GROUP, containing a radio button Icon - used to select & de-select assignees to a given task.

When "Group Add_Assignees" is Clicked :


The Custom State Assignees is a List of Users whose details are as below :

I also set a condition on the icon which changes the icon to Tick Mark & icon color to green - once we select assignees, as shown below :


Now, the problem is that - the same funcitonality worked fine earlier i.e. With the same functionality I could add & remove the Assignees earlier.

But after deleting the workflow (accidentally) - & recreating it again, this workflow doesn’t work at all i.e. I am unable to add assignees.

I tried creating the Custom state with different names like “tak-assignees, assignees, assignee_task etc…” but nothing seems to work.

Is there any code rule that a deleted work flow cant be recreated or any other rules wrt deleting of workflows??

Can any one please help me on this??

Have you checked it in the debugger?
Put it on Step-by-step mode and Click on Group Task-assignees List and check if the Workflow is getting triggered or not.
If the Workflow is not getting triggered, you must be having another duplicate group with the same name somewhere on the page.

Hi Mahesh,

Thankyou for the quick help.
Yes I tried debugging. But it ain’t working… donno why!!
I even checked if I accidentally put out any duplicates of the same Group.
But none of them either.

However, I deleted the Icon Group & recreated it & the workflow as well.
Its working fine now.

May be :thinking: . . Once a workflow is deleted - we must delete the Group too & recreate it - To get it working again!!

Anyways thanx again for all the help!!
Truly appreciate it!! :+1:

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