Deleting a content in list of things field

Say i have pictures. in the pictures data base there is a field named “liked” which is a list of things. so when a user liked those particular pic, it will add current user unique id into “liked” list of things. now say the user want to unlike those pic, how do i del his unique id in “liked” list of things? @fayewatson @romanmg

Make a change to Picture: Liked remove Current User’s unique ID

Check out this tutorial for modifying lists:


You’re going to be kicking yourself… wait for it…

Lists also have a :minus item operator that can do the same thing but inline in an expression.

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But more correctly: The OP should not be adding the User’s Unique ID to such a list… they should be adding the User

@acap: do not make things harder than they need to be. A list of Users is a list of Users, NOT a list of User’s unique IDs.


Yes, agreed.

so i shouldnt use delete a things, instead use create a new thing, then select the list of things n remove? btw how do just add the user? the instruction requires me to select curent user’s (user field). that is why i choose unique id.

you can make changes to a thing

got it! thats where my mistake is. thak you guysss

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