Deleting a list of uploaded files

Users on my app may upload a significant number of PDF’s to the app for each different project they are involved in.

‘PDF’s’ is a data Type, which has a ‘Project’ field which links it to the project, and a ‘file’ field which holds the uploaded file/pdf (this is a file type)

When the user deletes the project, all of the PDF’s linked to the project are also deleted, however there is no option to delete the actual uploaded files.

Is there a way to do this?

Simply create a backend workflow that takes a file parameter, and deletes an uploaded file (the file sent in the parameter). To delete a list of files, schedule API workflow on a list and pass all of the files to delete.

And a last step to clear the actual file url on the thing/s to ensure that each entry returns an empty value in the file or image field since the file has been deleted

The file is just a field on a Data Type (PDF), which has a data type Project connecting it to the project.

How can the File sitting in the field on this ‘PDF’ be passed through the backend workflow to be deleted?

Set the type of the backend workflow parameter to file and pass PDF’s file field to the backend workflow.