Deleting a redundant data type of 8M entries

Is it just a matter of clicking on the delete icon on the data type in development and deploying it to live?

Will it cause any impact on performance on the rest of the app?

What are you trying to do exactly?

Delete the entire table and its data.

I basically combined its data with another table, so this 8M+ table is now redundant.

Just want to know whether the deletion is instantaneous or whether it takes up huge server resources. If it’s the latter, then I’d need to split up the operation and schedule it accordingly.

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This is Bubble … who knows :man_shrugging:

It really shouldn’t. But deleting lots of things in Bubble is never quick.

My guess would be not. But I might kick it off one evening and check in the morning.

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Thanks! Yep I’m just trying to play it safe. Maybe I’ll ask Bubble support about this.

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Thanks for this interesting information!

If you could give us an update on what they tell you that would be greatly appreciated!

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Just FYI. I don’t think it actually deletes the data in the table until maybe you press the optimize application button. They keep it around just in case you need to ‘restore’ something. Check with Bubble support to be sure. :blush:

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You’re right! Here’s what Bubble support said:

Yes, good point. Typically in SQL you can DROP TABLE and it’s immediate. What’s happening in this case though with the Delete button is, that data source is actually just disappearing from your view. No database action like a SQL TRUNCATE or DROP is actually happening. It will still exist on the back end, and can in fact be restored to your view at a moment’s notice. That data continuing to exist on the back end out of your view won’t affect your site’s performance at all, so if you want to go with that option instead of executing the delete Thing loop, feel free to do that. From a data recovery perspective, that might actually make the most sense in case anything happens to your new combined table

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Glad to get some verification. Thanks for posting the answer. :blush::raised_hands:

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Just an update:

I deleted the data type with 8M entries and deployed to live.

No hit to performance at all. A non-event :slight_smile: