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Deleting data in two different user groups

I need to create a workflow to delete data in two tables.

The two data tables are almost identical.

The reason this needs to be done is because I have two different graphs based of the same information and I can’t have the data all on one table because one is cumulative and one isn’t. It needs to be possible for users to delete the data incase of any mistakes so one table is a constant sum of the other.

Because there are two tables when the user deletes data it needs to be deleted in both.

Deleting the data in one of the tables is easy because it sits in a repeating group, however I am trying to delete and ‘search for’ data in another table that has identical characteristics (created date and name) however the function doesn’t seem possible.

Overall… is it possible to delete data in two databases from a repeating group.

Hi there @thomas.noble,

If you add a new field linking the data types together, then yes.

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