Deleting Entries from Editor Issues

I tried to delete 495 entries from inside of the editor and got this message

Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 2.51.17 PM

I still have 306 entries.

The entries were basically all text.

Is this expected behavior? Is this a testament to poor performance regarding data manipulation etc.?

Should this be a big concern overall for bubble’s performance abilities or is this potentially a bug?

I got the same experience last week, so I decided to delete them with Bulk operation or vice-versa :sweat_smile: Try to refresh your browser (or even change it).

I am not sure what is the bulk operation?

Also, is the vice-versa some other type of operation or a referencing of creating or deleting entries using the bulk operation?


Yes. You have to set an API Workflow with just the field of the Bulk.

Thanks I will need to take a deep dive into the use of bulk. Just starting to get into more use of API workflows and need to look into recurring as well.

Thanks for pointing out the bulk operation.

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