Deleting entries/pins

I’m very new to Bubble, just finished the lessons and started building my first app which basically works like the first lesson (save data - save address and display on a map).
Now, I’d like to be able to do the following 2 things:

  1. Delete entries/pins made
  2. Enable commenting on entries/pins

May I please get help for the above please

Thanks in advance

  1. Create a repeating group with the data source being all of the entries. Add a text field in the cell that displays the address. Then add a button/icon in the cell. When this button/icon is clicked, the cell’s entry should be deleted. This is done by adding the “delete a thing” action to a workflow.

  2. Add a Database Table called “Comment”. It should have the following fields.

  • Comment (text)
  • Entry (Entry)
  • Commenter (User)

Also, you should add the following list to both the Entry table and the User table:

  • List of Comments (List of Comments)

On the page, add a regular input (or multiline input) and a submit button. When this button is clicked, 4 different actions should happen:

  1. Comment is created
  2. Comment is added to the Entry’s List of Comments
  3. Comment is added to the User’s List of Comments
  4. Reset Inputs

To show these comments, you should do this through a repeating group.

Hope this guides you along,

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Thank you so much, Daniel!

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Hi Daniel,

Still in the deleting process, thanks again for your advice.
The deletion happens in the repeating group, but the pins remain on the map.
Do you perhaps know how to solve this?

The pins on the map are NOT separate from the Entry data correct?

Correct. They are as a result of the entry, if that makes sense?

Ok, do the pins on the map update when the page is refreshed?

Every pin that I entered on the map stays on the map even after refreshing, so I’d like to be able to remove these at will.
Is there a way of basically programming a ‘‘delete’’ icon or button to reverse what was entered by the ‘‘save’’ button?

Apologies if my answers and questions aren’t super in line with yours. Hopefully they make sense.

From you other post, I now know that you weren’t using the “Entry” table like I assumed you were. 2 things:

  1. The pins/entries you see on the map should be data from the “Entry” table.
  2. To save a location in the database as an Entry, you will need an searchbox input and a button. The searchbox input should be used to search for “geographic addresses”. When the button is clicked, the following Workflow should commence:
  • Create a new Entry
  • Reset Inputs

The way I’ve been making my entries or plotting my pins is exactly the way done in Lesson 1


That part works perfectly.
Now, I’d like to simply be able reverse what I have already pinned, using the above lesson, by perhaps entering the already pinned location in my input form and clicking a “delete” button and then have the pin disappear. Is that possible?

I tried the Repeating Group route but I am only able to delete the address from the cells and not the pinned location, so all pins are still visible.

Sorry, I don’t remember how they go about it in the lesson. Are you saving the addresses in the database or as a custom state?

Please see below the steps taken in the lesson to save the address:

Action > Data (Things) > Create a new thing > Create a new type called ‘Location’ > To store the address click ‘set another field’ > Create new field > Field Name = Address & Field Type = Geographic address > To set address to what user typed in Input box “address = Input Address’s value” > Reset input

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Ok, well whatever I called “Entry” previously, it means “Location”. Make sense?

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Yeah, thanks so much man

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