Deleting fields


Imagine I have an app in live version and users already using it. It has two data types on called “Music” and “Songs”.
Music has Songs (List of songs) and Videos (List of videos, not important). And the fields in Songs are Artist (text), Name (text) and Duration (number).

What happens when I delete the “Duration” field?, I think all the information in all Songs in the app data will be deleted.

How can I “transform” or move this information to another field?

It´s an hipotetical thing for all major updates for the app that requiere to delete and create new fields.

Thanks in advance.

If you delete a field, the remaining data will still be there.

On a good day what you will then see is a bunch of errors in the editor telling you that the field is no longer available.

What you may well get (particularly on display fields) is reference to “Duration - deleted”.

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Ohh, okay but the Duration that a user had in a song will be deleted eventually, right?

And can I merge two fields or “save” a field when delisting it?


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