Deleting Input does not update my State


I have a parent group (Submission Form) with state variable of type List of TrackSubmission :

It is parent of a repeating group which Display many Tracksubmission:

Each TrackSubmission has a TrackUrl Input Field :


SO my problem is when I write something in the input field I get my state to change but weirdly enough when i delete something my state remains the same.
For example if initially I write trackUrl = “”, then i delete it and press the submit button, using the debugger, the trackUrl is still “”.

Anyone encountered the same problem ? Any workaround ?

When you are writing your input, I presume you have carried out a “Set Custom State” action. When you delete it though, are you simply deleting it or resetting the state?

From what I can gather, you are establishing your state variable of type list by setting a custom state, which carried that date into your next stage.

Unless I am mistaken, in order to clear a custom state you need to actually reset the custom state to an “empty” (essentially) state. I haven’t delved too deep into this yet, so if this does not answer your question I apologize. But generally if you have set a custom state, you must include a workflow item to reset it again if you no longer wish to utilize your custom state.

i.e. You set a custom state that brings your tracked element into your input form. To clear this, you could reset the state by creating a workflow item that requires an action, like clicking an “exit” or “submit” button.

If this does not help then sit tight as help is no doubt on the way if I even remotely know this forum well!

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