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Deleting multiple layers

So I have an app where a project has many objectives and an objective has many subobjectives.

When I delete a project, it is removed, however the objectives and subobjectives remain in the database. How do I set it so when something is deleted the children are also deleted?

In the workflow delete a list of things that is attached to the main entity first, then in the same workflow delete the thing.


Awesome. It worked. Thanks

Hello @AliFarahat and @Bradluffy I am struggling with the same problem of deleting lists and things and can’t quite figure it out. Any help would be awesome!

I have 3 types. Country. Province. City.

When I delete a country I want the provinces and cities associated with it to delete as well. I get the part of deleting the country and its list of provinces and cities.

But I can’t seem to get the part of deleting the actual province from the type province. I can’t seem to find a way to do this… Because my options are parent groups… etc. no way to actually choose the province

Thank you in advance!


Ok so when you set the city and the province you should set them to have a parent country. When you go to delete the country set it up in the workflow so that cities that have the parent country, which you are going to delete, delete first.

So Toledo, Ohio, USA

Toledo has parent country of USA
Ohio has parent country of USA

When deleting USA do a workflow that Search for Cities with parent USA and delete the results of that search.

Hopefully this makes sense.

Ok! Just to clarify and make sure I understand what you mean:

For parent country you mean that under data type city I should have a type that is country?

Thank you

Yep City should have a data type country. That way you can trigger a workflow to delete all cities at the same time you delete the country.