Deleting records then restoring them, are related records supposed to clear the lookup?

Hi everyone, I pretty much know the answer to this from the experience I just had but wanted to check something. We use Bubble like a CRM, so we have Accounts, Opportunities, Leads and so on. Accounts have a 1 to many relationship with things like Opportunities and Leads.

Yesterday I was viewing the data from the back end under Leads and needed to delete 200 of them. It would only load 50 at a time, so I’d delete them in groups of 50. Later in the day though we noticed that 100 companies had been deleted and were missing somehow. (Whole different issue as I SWEAR I never left the Lead data page and was only deleting leads NOT companies so I have no idea what happened there).

Anyway, I went under restore data and since I have the plan that includes 30 days, I thought this is amazing as it let me pick to just restore Companies vs every single object in Bubble. However, after I restored all companies, things like Leads and Opportunities were all blank still for Company and didn’t show any. I had to restore the whole database to get them back.

So it seems like if you delete a parent record, the original unique_id for that record gets erased from the child record. So when you restore the parent from the backup, the child doesn’t restore it’s link back to it.

Is that normal behaviour and how it should work?